IMG_3593Boarding includes:

Daily (or nightly) turnout, stall cleaning, free choice hay in slow-feed hay nets, grain twice a day, blankets as needed, fans in summer, small laundry, deworming every 8 weeks, routine vet and farrier appointments scheduled, and holding/handling for Farrier or Vet.

Legends Gastrotech for ulcer care is available at an extra charge.

All other supplements are the responsibility of the customer, and should be in SmartPaks, for our convenience and your peace of mind.

Other services:

Our qualified, professional staff can also provide many value-add services, such as grooming and tacking your horse for you pre-and post-ride, mane pulling, clipping, bathing, daily grooming, and special vet care (bandaging, soaking, etc).  Let us make your life a little easier!


Riding lessons are tailored to the unique needs and goals of each individual and horse. Lessons are taught either privately or semi-privately (2-3 students), and always with safety, fun, and learning in mind. We have something to offer riders of all experience levels…whether it’s your first time on a horse or you’re a seasoned competitor.

We also offer a unique and relaxing “horse experience” lesson program. In these lessons, you can safely enjoy learning how to interact with a special horse…grooming, leading, working with, and communicating in “horse language”…without getting on. This is a great way to learn basic horsemanship skills and gain confidence as you learn to safely work with and enjoy the relaxing therapy that these wonderful animals can offer.


Only for pre-qualified students already in our lesson program. We offer a limited “lease by the ride” program so you can come practice a new skill you just learned in your lesson, or just go on a relaxing ride to clear your mind after a long day.

Not sure if horse ownership is right for you? Try it on for size by leasing one of our horses for a limited time. Available only to students in our lesson program, in half-lease and full-lease options. Leasing a horse is a low-risk way to try out the commitment. In a lease, you pay board plus a lease fee, in addition to taking on all vet and farrier expenses. In return, the horse is “yours”…you ride him when you want, groom him, and work with him on your own schedule.  Meet our Horses on the About Us page!


Your horse may benefit from a tune-up ride once in a while, or maybe you’re going out of town for a week or two and just want him not to lose ground while you’re gone. Sometimes it’s easier if an experienced rider starts your horse out on a new skill before you try to tackle it yourself.


We believe showing is an important part of the riding experience, even for beginners, as it helps measure progress and challenge boundaries. It helps us know what our strengths are, and what we need to work on more. Showing teaches discipline, presentation skills, confidence, organization, horsemanship, and safety. Plus, it’s fun!

From time to time, we may offer “open shows” at the farm. These are beginner friendly and fun for the whole family! Our shows offer something for everyone from leadline to 2’6” hunters; we also believe in a healthy dose of fun game classes like a command class and a pairs class to show off your special skills! Bring your dogs, too, as we have a special dog jumping class that’s always a hit.

For seasoned competitors, we regularly attend NCHJA C shows and A and AA shows. Let us work together with you to create a showing plan that fits your needs, your experience level, and your budget.